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Forex GBP / USD Parity 2017 2nd Quarter Forecasts

Forex GBP / USD Parity 2017 2nd Quarter Forecasts

Forex GBP / USD Parity 2017 2nd Quarter Forecasts

2 Nisan 2017 14:31


Forex GBP / USD Parity 2017 2nd Quarter Forecasts

The GBP / USD parity has been the center of extreme mobility recently. As a result, Britain, a member of the European Community, decided to leave the club and this decision caused a great shock.

While I was preparing this analysis, the "50th Article" had only a short time to come into effect - the formal launch of this process would give the green light to the preparation for the end of UK participation in the community.

Starting the divorce process will of course be effective on the markets, but this effect will not occur in surprising dimensions. If you look at it, I think the current of decline will play the last part. If we look at the hammers at 1.20, the monthly charts also give an opinion on this.

Long Way Up Direction?

With the introduction of the fifty items, the uncertainty, in the sense of the British pound, if the pound is required, will partially or wholly disappear.

For this reason, the beginning of a rally will be a matter of moment. In the event of a break above 1.27 level, the necessary momentum for the upward movement will be gained. It will be a matter of climbing up to 1.45 at that point; Of course this rise will not happen quickly.

The upward movement of the parity will take place in a volatile structure. The pound will also support if the inflation in the country is leading to the Bank of England to raise interest rates. In this light of the data, I think that the declines to be observed in this figure can be evaluated in terms of purchasing. If the market falls after 50 articles, the 1.20 level will be a reasonable buying level.
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